Jessica Ferraro

Craft Chocolate Specialist
Bar Cacao

As a craft chocolate specialist, Jessica fulfills her mission to drive the craft chocolate movement in a positive direction by finding and implementing ways to complete the new craft chocolate supply chain. She does this most often by curating, judging, analyzing, lecturing on and selling craft chocolate in California.

Jessica encourages you to explore her Craft Chocolate Experience partners Dick Taylor, Fruition, Soma, Castronovo, Fresco, Zotter, Dandelion, Chocolate Tree and Cacao de Origen both at the show and on the shelves at partners Bi-Rite Market, Rainbow Grocery, and personally selected specialty food retailers primarily in San Francisco and Los Angeles for whom she’s implemented and curated craft chocolate selections.

Jessica’s first taste of single-origin chocolate in Paris back in 2007 has inspired her extensive travels ever since, including her third trip through Venezuela last year to visit Hacienda Luna Clara, Cacao de Origen, Chuao and many inspiring projects in cacao and chocolate. She shares her experiences online through Bar Cacao and in person wherever she goes.


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