Gary Guittard

Chocolate Maker
Guittard Chocolate Company

When Gary Guittard talks about chocolate, it is with a passion and purpose that is infectious. For him, chocolate is not just one of life’s most delightful culinary treats, it is his life – a life to which he was born as a fourth-generation member of a family that has been making chocolate in America since 1868. The business his great-grandfather started with a few bags of cocoa beans on the San Francisco waterfront now produces some of the world’s most sophisticated
chocolate. Under his guidance, Guittard Chocolate has continued to thrive, pushing innovations in product, industry and sustainability. He is an industry leader in his efforts to promote sustainability of the environment of the cocoa growing regions and the well-being of cocoa farmers. He is a former chairman of the Chocolate Manufacturer’s Association as well as the National Confectioners Association Chocolate Council and serves on the board of the World Cocoa Foundation. In 2007, he led the fight against the proposal to add vegetable fat to chocolate by establishing a grassroots petition and website “Don’t Mess with our Chocolate.” He is a founding member of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation group and serves on the tasting panel for it as well as the
Cocoa of Excellence Awards.

Gary is committed to the chocolate he produces, his fellow workers, customers, suppliers, farmers industry as a whole and mentoring Guittard Chocolate’s 5th generation.


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