Denise Castronovo

Owner & Chocolate Maker
Castronovo Chocolate

Castronovo is one out of just a small handful of female chocolate makers in America. Her passion for ecology began with professor, Eugene Odum (“the father of modern ecology”), and a trip to Costa Rica. There, she realized that saving the rainforest depended on creating a sustainable economy. Her first business, Mapping Sustainability, was a geographic information company servicing ecology and public health—whose work with tree canopies was recognized by Dr. Wangari Mathai, the only winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for ecology work. From there, she decided to make sustainable American Craft chocolate. From scouting out rare and heirloom cacao beans, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, HR and sales, she’s got her hands in every step of the process. Castronovo sources the cacao beans from indigenous people who live off of the rainforest, and thereby provides income for a sustainably harvested product. Today, Castronovo holds several prestigious awards for her American Craft chocolate including several World Gold International Chocolate Awards, the Golden Bean Award from the Academy of Chocolate, and several Good Food Awards.

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