Brian Ruggles

President of the Utah Chocolate Society
Chocolate Fascination

Brian was raised far from great chocolate in Texas. Eventually, just before finishing school in Utah, he discovered fine chocolate and began attending classes with his local purveyor. Almost immediately, he began sharing fine chocolate with anyone who would listen – and plenty who wouldn’t. Soon, a work-based chocolate club was not enough for Brian, and he approached Matt Caputo in Salt Lake City about forming a local chocolate group in Matt’s store. In April, 2010, the Utah Chocolate Society was born.

The ChocSoc, as the Society is lovingly known, focuses on tasting different bars with some common thread like bean origin or producer. In general they taste blind and look for the flavor notes that can tell the story of the chocolate origins and makers. Beginning in 2012, the ChocSoc began a springtime tournament of 64 chocolate bars vying for the members’ affection.

Brian has taught classes large and small to introduce people to chocolate, pair chocolate and cheese, and to guide people into the deep recesses of chocolate’s treasures. The Utah Chocolate Society has sprouted new chapters as more and more Utahns discover the best chocolate the world has to offer. Brian remains active in it all as he joyfully joins an ever growing number of fellow chocolate lovers in their collective journey.


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