Benjamin Figarede

Cocoa Sourcer

Valrhona, Inc.

Benjamin Figarede is part of Valrhona Sourcing department and as a cocoa sourcer he has to travel the World around the tropical belt. Graduated in Agronomy, he started his career in West Africa due to a family atavism towards the African continent. First in Ivory Coast purchasing cocoa from farmer’s cooperatives for the bulk Industry, then in Ghana for the World Cocoa Foundation. Over the last 7 years at Valrhona he had to discover unique origins of cocoa and reveal their singularity to gastronomy professionals all the chocolate lovers. Working in the cocoa fields over the last 15 years in these diverse experiences gives him a broad and sound vision of the cocoa industry. He likes to describe his job as an ambassador creating bounds between small holder cocoa farmers and the craft chocolate makers of the world.


 Ben Figarede

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