CocoTerra: The Future of Home Chocolate-Making

CocoTerra’s goal is to educate and excite you about a completely new way of making chocolate at home! To do this, founder Nate Saal will review at a high level how chocolate is made today in different venues (commercial, craft, DIY) and how CocoTerra has simplified and unified all the steps into one machine, going from […]

What Inspires You?

Michael Recchiuiti will demonstrate and discuss what inspires him to create his incredible confections. Hint: It might include a drum kit.

Cocoa, Mucilage, and Bean to Bar

Olivier Fernández runs a the EPGB Pastry School and Chocolate Museum in Barcelona. He has now embarked on a new journey creating the factory “Bean to Bar MXBCN”. Come and hear about his journey!

Chocolate Sourcerers

Cocoa sourcing requires expertise across the entire value chain. While sourcers travel extensively to work with producers and exporters at origin, they also must understand the flavor preferences and market sensitivities of the end consumer. The panel of sourcing experts will discuss topics ranging from flavor expression, the sustainability paradox, why the craft chocolate movement […]

Chocolate: Design and Art

This presentation will focus on the elements of design and art that have influenced my own personal style. I will discuss ideas and provide insights into how to to develop your own creativity as well as real, tangible resources to get your ideas from thought to a physical object.

The Science of Tasting

Tasting chocolate can feel like magic! However, our sensory experiences are highly studied and scientific. This panel is comprised of academics and industry professionals heralding from beer, coffee and, of course, chocolate who both study as well as utilize the science behind our experiences to better understand what we like and why we like it. […]

Pioneers of Craft Chocolate

Come to meet the root of the Craft Chocolate tree. These three individuals provided the inspiration, knowledge, understanding and feedback that so many makers used to start their endeavors.