Cacao Cooperative: Increasing Transparency through Collaboration

The Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute is currently creating a consortium of cooperatives, academic institutions, companies and development organizations with a shared vision for priorities in transparent trade for specialty cacao. It is expected that collaborative sharing of sourcing information by origin will allow institutions and organizations to more efficiently and effectively communicate information regarding […]

Conservation and Cacao: Panacea or Pandora’s Box?

There has been increasing attention, from the international community, on the impact cocoa production has on rainforest deforestation and biodiversity conservation. On one hand, cocoa production has been identified as a significant contributor to tropical forest deforestation in the Ivory Coast and other cocoa producing countries. On the other hand, there are several examples of […]

Why Humans Love Chocolate: a tasting

Ginger will walk you through the special crystalline structure of the cocoa butter in couverture chocolate. There will be several chocolates and bonbons that you will be able to taste while she explains how cocoa butter plays such a critical role in couverture chocolate.

Volatile Profiles In Melangers

Volatile Profiles in Melangers How your melanging profile affects the flavor of chocolate: what does the data suggest? This talk will explore the relationship between conching and melanging and discuss whether they are equivalent chocolate refining systems. Further, it will examine the results of original research into the effects of melanging time and temperature on […]

The Effects of Fermentation and Drying

This presentation encompasses the graduate research done by Colin Hart at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, which was focused on the improvement of fermentation and drying methods for Hawaii-grown cacao. The primary goal of this study was to see how variations within these post-harvest practices impacted overall flavor characteristics. This was accomplished through a […]

Cocoa Roasting for Chocolate Flavor

In this session we will explore how cocoa roasting levels can dramatically affect the flavor of chocolate. Chocolate made with different cocoa roast levels from several origins will be sampled and reviewed.

Foam 101: Mexican Molinillos

The desire for foamy beverages has been shared among humans worldwide throughout time – from Egypthian accidental beer to Starbucks lattes, from ceremonial matcha to the Queen’s afternoon tea – chocolate is not the same without it’s frothy finish, what else would make those marshmallows float? Come and learn the history and tech of the […]

Creating Consistent Brands Using Sensory Analysis

The most important function of any chocolate maker is the production and release of brands that are both free of defects and consistent with their intended flavor profile. Pragmatic tasting methods designed to meet this objective will be presented to highlight how the chocolate industry can successfully use Sensory methods to inform everyday product and […]